Five black and white pictures of Carla next to dogs and on horse back riding







Picture of Carla with a parrot




Carla Popovics was born in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, and since early childhood has tried to transform her house into a zoo, according to her Mother.





Picture of a rescued ocelot



Her life's photo album is really a picture book of pet dogs, cats, birds and even a rescued ocelot!



Picture of Carla on horse jumping competition




At 7 years old Carla entered horse back riding classes and later competed on junior level in jumping.





When Carla was a pre teen, she walked the neighbohood dogs, including a Great Dane, that was almost as tall as her.


In 1982 at the age of 18, Carla helped fight the ilegal amazon animal trade in Brazil.







She moved to the USA in 1984 and worked in different jobs until settling in as a personal assistant with a preference for working with clients that had dogs.


The two Bouvier de Flanders, Asterix and Wallie, that she started dog walking in 1992 are among her sweetest memories.


Picture of Carla next to Asterix and Wallie,  two Bouvier de Flanders


In 2009, she started volunteering as a dog walker at the San Francisco Animal Care and Control and at the GADAB (Give a Dog a Bone) project and in 2010 had a brief passage at the reserve program for animal law enforcement (Animal Cops).


After the rewarding experiences volunteering, Carla decided to become a professional in this area and to start her own company and become a professional dog walker.


Dog rescue and community services are still very important to Carla. She loves helping homeless dogs as well the ones in happy homes. She divides her time between dog walking, rescue work and volunteering.